A downward slide…


Sometimes I think it’s good to have every imaginable negative thing happen all in the same week.  Let’s take a quick recap of the past seven days:

  • Unwanted woodpecker – Visit # 1
  • Fever and chills descend upon me
  • Feral cat – deceased rabbit
  • Woodpecker Visit # 2
  • Woodpecker Visit #3
  • Mistakenly scheduled son’s birthday party the same day as little league season opener – not smart when you want kids to attend.

Now I’m leaving off a few additional gut wrenching events — but let me tell you they were rather hellish.  So we reach last night and my husband – ever the voice of reason – decides we both need to see the doctor.  He hits the local after hours care clinic and gets hooked up with antibiotics to fight his raging sinus infection.  I decide to wait until this morning.  Of course I arrive early.  Sit outside twenty minutes until it opens (rather sad, I’m still third in line when the doors finally open).  Wait my turn.  Give the receptionist my information.  Get told they can’t verify any insurance coverage.  Hello?  Same carrier for ten years.  Never a problem.  Options?  Pay up front or hit the pavement.  Since I have coverage that we’re already paying through the nose for, I refused to fork over $150.  By the time I reached the parking lot I was an emotional wreck.  Thankfully my spouse got on the phone and resolved the issue in five minutes (after 10 years my insurance provider somehow had the wrong year for my date of birth).  I drove back to the clinic.  Waited in line for a half hour.  Got checked out.  Severe sinus infection.  Severe ear infection.  Chest congestion.  Yippeee!

Now the really big bummer….I ended up missing my son’s party.  By the time I left the clinic, it had already started.  Yes, this was really not my finest week.  Good news?  My boys had a fabulous party with their dad overseeing the festivities at a local sports venue.  As for me, I KNOW next week is going to be better by leaps and bounds!  Can’t wait for Sunday!!!


2 thoughts on “A downward slide…

  1. TERRY , missed you, mean it ! Had a wonderful time @ WINK + KELLY’S. All that was missing was you, DANNY, + the boys …..

    • Hmm…I think I dreamed about the food they served yesterday. I adore chicken marsala 🙂 When we do make it up for one of the monthly family dinners, I’m going to ask if Wink can whip up some of his marsala again!!!


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