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  1. Today it’s raining.  Now normally that wouldn’t fill my heart with joy but since I’m still feeling under the weather, it’s rather soothing.
  2. Despite diminished brain cell activity (i.e., 875 mg of antibiotics twice daily haven’t seemed to touch the sinus infection or ear infection yet) I did pull out my completed manuscript to look at what major changes I need to make.  Normally I dive right in but this time I’m really letting things play out in my head first.  Creating the scenes, with dialogue, but not on paper seems to be working really well for me.
  3. My Boston Bruins pulled out another overtime victory last night.  In all fairness the Flyers played stronger offensively and probably deserved a win — but boo hoo, right?  After last year we need redemption.
  4. Might as well get all of the sports stuff out of my system.  Red Sox won last night.  At this stage I’m celebrating any victory they earn becasue they’ve been rather stink-o-docious so far this season.
  5. CASTLE  — Did you catch it last night?  Love this show.  Dreading that the season will end soon and that the show’s executives have said fans might be hissing and booing at how they leave things between Beckett and Castle.
  6. Typically I’m horrible at saying no when someone asks me to do something.  Every cell in my body cries out yes, even when it is something that I really don’t want to do. (Like most people I don’t want to disappoint others so saying yes seems the easier route).  Well, yesterday I actually realized I had to say no.  Taking on an additional project just wasn’t feasible when I really considered everything I already have on my plate.  So while I do feel guilty, I also feel relieved.
  7. Skip to number 8 if you hate when people talk about their weight.  I’ve had an adversarial relationship with food since my teenage years.  So weight gain (even a small amount) makes me slightly crazy.  Normally Easter is a time when I add a few lbs.  This year, due to my cold, I’ve actually lost the added three pounds I’ve been carrying since Christmas. 
  8. One of my favorite friends in the world, who happens to live abroad, will be visiting the Cape this summer for a week.  Last time we were not able to get together because of schedule conflicts.  This year I’m going to do everything I can to make sure we meet up because I miss her!!!
  9. It took me a few days, but I’m really loving my new Mac.  I can completely understand why people rave about Apple products.  In another few weeks I’ll feel even better when I play around with it some more.
  10. SOMETHING BORROWED –  I loved this book by Emily Giffin.  In fact I reread it every year.  This Friday the movie comes out and I plan on being first in line for tickets.  Since I almost never go to the movie theater this is a rather celebratory event.  My poor husband was shocked when I asked if he would go with me.  Fortunately he responded in the right way 🙂

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