Today I’m feeling….


  • Sad that they killed off the character of Mike Franks on NCIS this week.  Although he wasn’t a regular on the show, his periodic appearances were always amongst my favorite episodes.
  • Antsy about my attempts at revising my manuscript.  I’m approaching them from a more methodical process than I usually take, which is good.  But, on the flip side, it is going so sloooooooow 🙂
  • Grateful that we’ve had about six straight days of sunshine.  Between the warmer temperatures and the drier conditions my sinus infection has improved drastically.  (The antibiotics probably played a role, too).
  • Rushed because my calendar is beyond full.  Oldest son is performing in his school play tonight.  Family is coming to stay for a visit.  Spouse is still out of town. Volunteering tomorrow for the third day this week. Blah blah blah…..
  • Surprised that Fox pulled the plug on Chicago Code.  I thought this new series was pretty strong with good plot and good actors.  I guess I was in the minority.
  • Hopeful that I can sneak off to the movies this weekend and see ‘Something Borrowed’.  I was shooting for this past weekend but it didn’t happen.
  • Relieved that today was the last day for NYS testing for my oldest son.  It’s amazing to see how stressful it is for students and teachers.
  • Late – I need to hit the road now or I’ll be late picking my kids up from school. 

Hope to check back in tomorrow!!!


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