Seriously good season finale…


'Castle' season finale - 'Knockout'

For the past month I’ve been holding my breath, waiting to see how ABC’s Castle would wrap up the season.  Executives from the show had hinted that they had some dramatic twists lined up for the finale.  Let’s just say they delivered. 

Action – Prisoner Lockwood escapes court room, flees the area on a helicopter.

Twists – It’s revealed that Captain Montgomery played a role in the cover up of Beckett’s mother’s murder.

Heartbreak – The Captain dies (and Beckett offers him forgiveness in his final moments)

Cliffhanger – Beckett is shot while attending Captain Montgomery’s funeral (she fades out at the end, creating a question about whether she survives the attack).

Oh, yeah….and at the very end, as he holds an injured Kate in his arms, Castle finally says “I love you”.

I’m still recovering emotionally 🙂   Over 13 million people watched last night’s episode.  I’m guessing most of them stayed glued to their seats, just like me!


2 thoughts on “Seriously good season finale…

  1. OH my, Oh my. I was stunned last night. So stunned both my husband and I sat there on the coach waiting for more. A hint, something, but no just the 11 o’clock news. Becket had better make it because… “Kate… I love you.” Just about blew my mind. Can’t wait for the new season. It was a wonderful season finale!

    • That’s exactly how I felt, DD! This has been my favorite season of Castle…so sad that we have to wait for the fall to see what happens 😦


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