Did I just say no?

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Puggle Puppies For Sale! Puggles!

For the first time in history (my personal history, anyway) I came within minutes of acquiring a new puppy — and ended up saying no.  I’m still reeling from my decision.  My kids and spouse are still shaking their heads wondering how and why it all fell apart.  We, the residents of casa de Oberlies, have always encouraged an open door policy when it comes to canines.  When we’ve had two dogs, the notion of taking on a third was never a big deal. 

Sixteen hours later, I’m still trying to analyze the reason why we are not the proud new owners of an eight week old Puggle.  In my defense I think part of the reason is that things happened quickly.  My husband called around noon on Monday to say that the breeder that provided our neighbor with a beautiful ‘grand-dog’ had another litter of Puggles available for immediate sale.  Last night we drove out to a farm where a lovely Mennonite family welcomed us into their home.  And the puppies, one male + one female, were adorable.  Playful.  Sweet.  Energetic.  Everything a puppy should be…yet I still said no.

Things have been hectic lately and the thought of easing a new puppy into our routine seemed overwhelming.  I was worried about how well our border collie and our walker/beagle would adjust to a new family member.  Would they be angry?  Jealous?  Insecure? 

Since summer is around the corner I pondered the logistics surrounding vacations.  Setting up boarding for 3 dogs is more challenging and more costly.  Even transporting 3 versus 2 can be tricky – especially when you’re the driver trying to keep everyone safe 🙂

Hmmm…the truth is there was probably another reason why I said no.  Although I love almost every dog I’ve ever met, my heart seems to connect more immediately with the animals at the Humane Society.  I’ve had amazing dogs from breeders (a beagle and a basset hound)…and I’ve also had wonderful dogs that came from shelters.  If I had to absolutely choose between a puppy from the pound and a puppy from a breeder, chances are I’m going to go with the one who needs a home more.  Please don’t share that with my sons.  We’ve promised to contact this puggle breeder mid-summer when another litter is scheduled to become available.

Maybe then my answer will be YES!!!


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