Midweek Mish Mash…..

sweaty sun cartoon
I’m begrudgingly coming out of self imposed hibernation.  Yesterday we were hit with soaring temperatures (92 degrees) which drained every bit of energy and goodwill out of my body.  Of course, it also brought with it my first bout of seasonal allergies.  Close your eyes for a moment.  Picture a poor woman; perspiring, wheezing, clutching her head in abject misery.  Add some frizz to the hair and you have me, my friends!!!  Today I had volunteer obligations so I had to drag myself out of the cave….big hair, and all!
In spite of my ghastly appearance I’m happy to report:
  • I eventually did make it to the movies to see, Something Borrowed.  Critics were not kind to this film.  Guess what?  I LOVED it.  Normally when I enjoy a book, I struggle with the movie adaptation.  In this case I felt it gave off the same vibe as Emily Giffin’s book.  I’m not a huge movie buff but I will be buying this on DVD when it releases.
  • The Bruins made it to the finals.  Game one of the Stanley Cup finals is on tonight.  My boys from Boston are the underdogs, so feel free to cheer them on.
  • After reading a bazillion positive reviews for Courtney Milan’s new novella, Unlocked, I gave in to the pressure.  Downloaded and read it last night.  4 out of 4 stars.  I’m not usually a fan of shorter stories, but this one is extremely compelling.
  • Stayed up late working on manuscript revisions.  I’ve been STUCK on a critical chapter.  Last night I nailed down a section that was giving me fits.  Whew!  At least I hope my changes work….
  • Enjoyed my very first strawberry mojito over the holiday weekend.  Can you say, yum!!!

Heading out soon for part II of my volunteer obligations.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t miss too much of tonight’s game.


5 thoughts on “Midweek Mish Mash…..

    • Yes, not a bad choice to quench a summer thirst 🙂 Perhaps I’ll try to sample some other options over the course of the next few months!!!


  1. Oh my young lady, you’re certainly dating yourself. “Good heavens” ? Just had a flashback to ” Annie – Next – Door ” !

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