I had to smile…

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  • I reached Day Two of Jury Duty without being selected.  Logistically it would be a nightmare if I  have to report this week.  So getting the clear for Monday and Tuesday was a very good thing!
  • The BRUINS rallied last night to whip the Canucks 8 – 1.  After a scary late hit injury, they amped up their offense and controlled the ice completely.
  • I finally had the chance to curl up with my Kindle late last night (midnight) and download Shannon Stacey’s latest relase from Carina Press, Yours to Keep.  Although I was too tired to read, it made me happy to know I have it 🙂  Yes, I’m a wee bit of a dork!!!
  • I read the story about the dad out in Utah who dresses up in different costumes every day and waves to his son on the school bus.  It takes imagination, dedication and a great sense of humor to keep doing it for over 170 days.  If you haven’t checked out this story, here’s a link:  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/06/06/national/main20069296.shtml
  • I watched the Weiner press conference yesterday.  It makes me giggle when any politician cries/weeps for the media.  If you’ve done something wrong, own it, be strong, save the tears for your family members who have the misfortune of having to live with you – when the rest of us can just click the off button.
  • I realized I’m actually home this morning with about two hours to work on my manuscript revisions.  I’m close to wrapping them up (I hope) and have been desperately hoping for some quiet time.  Shhh…..I’m turning off my phones right now 🙂

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