Today I had to frown when…

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I think I mentioned yesterday that I was happy to have time set aside to push through the rest of my revisions.  Guess what?  Last night I began reading through my entire revised manuscript, only to discover that some of my changes were GONE.  Hmmm, not sure how that happened.  I’m a fiend about constantly saving my work as I go along.  As far as I can tell I’m missing about two days worth of changes.  I was freaking out last night because I worked really hard on two of the chapters impacted and I had been thrilled with the results (which NEVER happens with me).  Later today I’m going to search one more time (in vain) before I try to recreate what is missing.  This is why everyone warns you to back up your work on a thumb drive.  File this under – Lesson Learned.


One thought on “Today I had to frown when…

  1. One day you’re smiling, the next day your frowning. Girl, you best be careful or the next thing you’ll be blogging about will be BOTOX ….

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