Countdown to summer…

School is over for my boys….at least from a productivity standpoint.  On Monday my third grader completed his final ‘Learning Celebration’ (i.e., Final Exam).  Unfortunately they’re now in that awful stage of watching the clouds roll by until next Monday when school officially wraps up.  I’ve spent much of the past ten days working in the school library – nagging kids to bring back overdue books (which is ‘so’ not fun).

I’m trying (really, really trying) to wrap up the revisions on my current book.  To be honest – they’re done.  I’m just reading them over and over to see if I made the story better.  This is the stage where my nerves are jacked up so high that I have to FORCE myself to focus. Screwing up now is more painful than screwing up on an initial submission.  So I’m keeping everything crossed (fingers, toes, eyes).  And for those of you who follow hockey, please cross your fingers that the Boston Bruins play well tonight (play well and win, of course).  It’s been a long time since we’ve won the Stanley Cup…and we’re sooooo close!!!  I’m ready to celebrate with my blender, rum, fresh fruit, and mojito mix.  Of course, I’m ready to drown my sorrows if the boys from up north pull out a victory.I’ll check in tomorrow with an update…

4 thoughts on “Countdown to summer…

    • Would love to be there for the festivities on Saturday…what a fun team they were to watch this year! I loved when the announcers were talking about the rats in the rafters of the old Garden. Good times, my friend.


  1. Ah TERRY, the Old BOOOOOOOOOOORSTON Garden …. Sooooo many memories ….. Being the baby of the clan you wouldn’t remember this one (circa 1965 ) but, someday be sure to ask me about ” the Monkey Stick and St . PATRICK ” ….. Oh what a doozie, a classic ! Vintage, much like this year’s version of the Black + Gold ……

    • Yes, I’m happy to say 1965 was before my time…Monkey Stick and St Patrick are quite an interesting combo. Can’t wait to hear the story behind that one.


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