Well, it’s Friday.  And it’s almost the official start of summer vacation. For me that means it was also time to hit the send button on my revised manuscript. After staring at my computer screen for almost an hour – I did it! Now of course my stomach feels sick.  But I have a recovery plan.  Today is fun fest day at my children’s school.  I’m volunteering to help with the picnic lunch.  What I didn’t tell my boys this morning is that I’m spraying my hair red and green to match their team colors. Will they laugh?  Probably after they turn their heads away and cringe. But hey — it’s Friday.  It’s almost summer!  And I need something to keep my mind off of my submission.  D’oh!



3 thoughts on “Going…going…gone!

  1. Everyone’s favorite tart, BRITNEY SPEARS, has a sizzling new summer single, ” I Wanna Go ” ! Just sayin’ …..

    • Britney is so far off my radar….but I’m glad you keep up with the teeny bopper crowd, Gus.
      Oh, for the record, I am bored today. It’s rainy, muggy, and we’re stuck inside 😦

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