Feeling groovy…not so much!

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Every so often I’m reminded that my body is aging even if my brain fails to register that sad reality.  Yesterday we celebrated the first full day of summer vacation with a visit to a local amusement park.  Now this is a yearly school sponsored event — where you see almost every child/parent you know that lives within a hundred mile radius.  Normally I’m quite careful in choosing what rides I watch and what rides I actually get on.  The last thing I want is to lose my lunch on an acquaintance.  Hmm….that didn’t happen, btw. But for some ghastly reason I decided to ride some seriously whacked out pieces of steel on wheels.  In my defense, I was mostly concerned about making sure my first grader was safe, not throwing his arms and legs up everywhere.  Things were relatively smooth until I stepped aboard the 360 Revolution.  If you haven’t had the pleasure — don’t ever give in to the impulse.  Without a doubt the inventor of this ‘amusement park’ favorite was fond of torture.  As soon as you sit down the girl at the controls (no more than sixteen, I can assure you) hits a switch that squeezes your back and ribs into the seat contraption to the point of pain.  I’m not kidding, it hurt before the ride even began.  Once the ride began that pain subsided — and the 90 seconds spent spinning around wasn’t bad.  But….things went sour two minutes after I got off.  I felt and looked white as a ghost for the rest of the afternoon.  This wasn’t a case of delayed motion sickness, but rib and back crushing angst.  I’m 5′ 8 but relatively small boned and this was not a good fit for my body.  I’m shocked that it doesn’t actually crack some people’s bones.  Of course, I’m not fifteen anymore.  Maybe I need to stick with the merry-go-round.  ________________________________________________________________________

So far my children have only muttered the words “I’m bored” a few dozen times.  I’ve actually established a rule that any time the word ‘bored’ is used, the speaker must go to their room for fifteen minutes and do nothing but stare at their belly button.  Errrr…I think that makes me a mean mother.

Now I’m diving back into another manuscript that I put aside to work on revisions for my submitted story.  I want to have something else ready to send out if I get the thumbs down (I’m trying not to get my hopes up, because that makes rejection really tough. I should probably stock up on chocolate so that I’m well prepared.  Two days of non stop consumption of Snickers bars usually gets me past the pain 🙂


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