Just wishing and hoping…


As is often the case, this past weekend was a hot mess of activity.  A visit from out of town relatives kept us hopping from Thursday through Sunday.  When Sunday afternoon rolled around my husband and I decided to attend to some much needed yard work.  Sadly I didn’t realize this included trimming large branches (mostly pine trees) and then hauling them into our woods out back.  After two hours my arms felt like overcooked linguini. Even though we had a lawn tractor and trailer it was still way more work than I had envisioned (i.e., I need boot camp for country living).  Unfortunately by the time our adventure wound down, the tractor was no longer functioning.  Ugh!  My last ‘to do’ item was actually cutting the grass – which is now as dense as a forest.

That brings me to my wishing and hoping for this week:

  • A lawn tractor genie magically appears and gets my Craftsman running again.
  • That my mind won’t constantly wander to NYC where the RWA conference is being held this week.  You might remember that last year I promised 2011 was going to be the year I attended Nationals for the first time. I’m not even going to hint that I’ll follow through in 2012.  Although if I contract a book before the end of this year, I’m really thinking I’ll go next July.
  • I’ll add at least 5,000 words to my work-in-progress.  Right now I know where the story needs to go, I just need to sit at the computer without interruption (which means I might start writing late at night).
  • Laundry will be done.  TODAY.  I’ve been eyeing overflowing baskets for the past two days.  Spouse leaves on business trip tomorrow and will actually need clean socks.
  • Re-evaluate summer travel plans.  We’ve had a number of scheduling roadblocks that have popped up and now I’m afraid to even pull out a calendar.  Thinking about dates makes my head hurt…so I’ve been avoiding topic at all costs.
  • I’m back to pulling old favorites off of my bookshelves.  I would love to find something new that knocks my socks off.  Any book suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Just wishing and hoping…

  1. Well buddy, I did three loads of laundry, assisted with the repair of the lawn tractor (based on an over the phone consultation with a repairman), and reread an old book last night. Everything else — no forward movement.


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