The heat is on…


Today it’s hot.  Yes, I know summer is supposed to be all about sunshine and warmer temperatures – but to me it just feels HOT.  I don’t like 90 degree days.  Honestly I feel like an overcooked potato with gross skin.  I need to be pulling weeds but I won’t.  I should take the boys out but I’d rather they play downstairs where it’s cool and comfortable.  This makes me odd, I think.  This past weekend we were at a bonfire where all of our friends were gushing about the great weather we’ve been having.  I just stuffed my face with smores.  Even sitting by a pool in this weather feels like torture (at least for my boys because I douse them with sunscreen to the point that they are as greasy as day old french fries).

I’m plugging away at my current manuscript.  Right now I’m at 44,000 words and I’m shooting for around 60,000.  Hopefully this will be a productive week.  There have been several interesting industry related stories this past week that have caught my attention.  Prolific author Maya Banks has an extremely informative interview on Dear Author.  Here’s a link if you haven’t read it yet:

Also last week it was announced that Shannon Stacey (an author I’ve been reading for years) made the NY Times ebook bestseller list.  This is a huge accomplishment and it put a big smile on my face because I’ve followed her career since her work with Samhain and I really enjoy her stories.  Ah, I want to be her when I grow up 🙂

Hope this is a great week for everyone!  I’m off to finish a chapter I started last night and to tackle the laundry I’ve been ignoring since Friday.

2 thoughts on “The heat is on…

    • Every day my lawn gets a little crunchier — sounds like I’m stepping on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Even though our yard has quite a bit of shade from a plethora of trees, it’s still getting icky! Perhaps I need to brush up on my ‘rain dance’ skills. If nothing else, it would certainly entertain my neighbors 🙂


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