Thursday…(because my brain is too tired to think of a good title)

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Yesterday my day began at 6am and ended at two o’clock in the morning.  My husband had been traveling on business when he received news that one of his uncle’s had passed away.  As you would expect, it knocked the stuffing out of both of us.  His uncle was sweet and gruff. Since we didn’t reside near him, contact was often over the phone.  He loved sports, gadgets, and bread (yes, bread).  If you happened to call during a key NFL game, you could expect the conversation to be a quick one.  Years ago I remember him pulling me aside during a visit to Florida.  He wanted to pass along some of his late mother’s jewelry.  It was one of those moments that I will always remember because it meant a lot to both of us.  Although he was not the type of person who wore his emotions on his sleeve, he was quite caring.  

After hours of flight delays my husband arrived home at 1:45 am.  He was exhausted, both physically and mentally.  Immediately after work today he will be back at the airport.  This time heading out of state to be with family in Florida.  Even though our boys and I will be staying behind, my heart will be with him.

This morning my kids have two friends over.  I’m glad.  Loud sounds can be heard throughout the house.  This is a good thing.  Laughter and pounding feet are a nice distraction.  Although I probably won’t be as productive as I would like — I know I’ll have a reason to smile even when my heart is heavy.

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