Just another tricky day…

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It was another strange weekend at Casa de Oberlies.  With my husband away in Florida and the heat soaring in the northeast, I quietly planned how I would spend some fun time with our two boys.  When Friday night rolled around I decided we’d kick off the weekend with a casual dinner out (it was too darn hot to turn on the oven).  Needless to say we were all in agreement, although we stumbled over our choices.  Pizza parlor or burger joint?  After changing clothes, kissing our dogs goodbye, and turning on our outdoor lights we marched out to the garage.  I hit the opener on the wall and….wait for it.  Yes!  The door wouldn’t open.  Well to be more precise, it opened three inches and stopped.  Now having owned five different houses (of varying ages) I’ve been through the grumpy garage door problem more than once.  Hence, I grabbed a chair, placed it under the manual pull chord (ignore my lack of techno jargon) and yanked hard.  It made the appropriate pop sound, indicating that I should now be able to manually open the garage without breaking my back.

Hmmm….well, that didn’t quite work out.  Instead I flipped on all the overhead lights and began examining the door for obvious issues.  Sensors were clear.  No objects were impeding movement.  As I scanned all three garage doors, it hit me.  The large spring above magic door number one was completely broken into two pieces. Grrrrrr.  I would need the strength of the Incredible Hulk to get that door open.  A quick glance at my biceps gave me my answer.

We were stuck.  When I reached out by phone to share our good fortune with my husband — he declared it an emergency (which in truth made me laugh).  Being without a car may be an inconvenience but it wasn’t exactly an emergency.  I promised him that I would get our garage door friends out there that weekend (they’ve been out twice since we moved into this house last year, so we’re practically BFF’s).

Miracle of all miracles?  We survived being housebound for almost twenty-four hours.  Although we had to cancel most of our Saturday plans, we were set free late that afternoon.  By that point our energy had waned to the point that eating out meant McDonalds.  According to the kids it was far better than what I would have served at home 🙂


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