On my own…


It isn’t often that I have a few days to myself (in this case often means ‘never).  My family deserted me on Sunday for Boy Scout Camp.  The first three hours were fabulous — I plowed through laundry, ran the vacuum cleaner, and played with our dogs.  By dinner time I found myself sitting on my front glider watching for signs of life in my quiet neighborhood.  Since reading is my favorite guilty pleasure I downloaded three books onto my Kindle.  After reading five chapters I deleted the first novel.  It was clearly a DNF.  Started the second one determined to ‘love it’.  I made it as far as chapter seven before giving up.  Hit the delete again.  I’d like to say the third was the charm but I’d be lying.  This time I did read the whole story.  It was just o-k-a-y.

Other than lunch with friends on Monday I’ve been bored out of my mind.  This should be productive time, right?  I pulled out my laptop, wrote a few paragraphs and found my brain stumbling.  I needed my normal background noise.  I used to be fun on my own (at least I think I was).  Now I’m worrying about whether my husband remembered to shower our boys with sunblock.  Every hour I’m running to my Mac to see if there are any new pictures emailed from camp.  (Probably better than scanning my inbox for news on my manuscript, which just makes my stomach hurt).

Finally I resorted to doing what I always do when I’m antsy.  I hit Home Depot and stocked up on paint supplies.  Since almost every room in my house has cathedral ceilings I decided to paint one accent wall in my boy’s bedroom.  Because it was only one wall and I wanted to suck up as much of my afternoon as possible I went with a two-tone look (beige background with navy squares that look like picture frames).  It’s kind of funky and it cured me of my boredom for a few hours.  My reward was a glass of wine and HGTV 🙂

Tonight my peeps will be home.  That leaves me with about ten hours to burn.  Maybe I’ll shop for window treatments to match the new paint color.  So much for being on my own….


6 thoughts on “On my own…

  1. Assuming that your “outdoors men” have returned home by now …. PAUL SIMON’S song, ” Mother and Child Reunion” comes to mind ….

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