Summer days drifting away….

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Last night I glanced at the calendar and my stomach dropped.  Truth be told, I’ve always held a grudge against August 1st.  For me it symbolizes the waning days of summer.  It’s the turning point.  The point where I need to start thinking about ordering school uniforms, raiding Target for classroom supplies, and prodding my boys to complete their summer reading lists.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  Honestly, I’d rather worry about the debt ceiling or even my dusty ceiling instead of erasable pens and orange spiral notebooks.  (I think I’m slightly neurotic when it comes to adhering to school supply lists.  Last year we went to four stores in search of the proper folders.)  Who knew some colors sell out faster than others?

Today I’m trying to focus on all the fun things we still plan to do.  A week on Cape Cod.  Another trip to the zoo. Fishing at the lake.  Visits to our favorite ice cream parlor (notice I made this plural).  And hopefully a hundred other little things over the next five weeks.  When September rolls around I’ll have a real reason to be melancholic.

Oh, and this date isn’t all bad 🙂  My fabulous sister-in-law Kelly celebrates a birthday today.  She’s all kinds of cool and I’m not just saying that because she makes perfect brownies and to-die-for cakes. Although that’s a big plus!!! Sending happy cyber wishes her way…

Now I need to step away from my keyboard and make the most of my Monday.  After all the clock is ticking…


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