Ignoring my ‘to do’ list…


(Photo caption) – “I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend”

For the past week I’ve been hanging out quite a bit at one of our local hospitals as my mother-in-law recovers from back surgery.  My boys and I try to pick the perfect time to visit (i.e., when we will actually find a spot in the parking garage).  They’ve been really good about spending 2-3 hours a day sitting in vinyl hospital chairs, hanging on to the hope that we’ll hit the vending machines on the way out.  I have no idea why these visits have put a stop to my normal routine.  It’s almost as if my brain has put everything else on hold. This may be good or this may be bad, depending on whether clean socks are important 🙂

Last night I continued my mini YA reading kick.  This time I chose “Between the Lines” by Tammara Webber.  I kind of got a kick out of this story, in large part because I couldn’t figure out exactly how it was going to end. The story is told in an alternating fashion from the two main character’s POV’s.  What I loved was the fact that these two people did not wind up together – even though it might have seemed that was where things were headed.  As a reader this was one of the first times the characters I thought of as the hero and heroine (at least from the set up of the book) broke apart.  Instead of being disappointed, I was really happy that the author went in another direction.  By breaking away from the standard pattern, Webber was able to maintain plot and character integrity.  It worked and it worked well in my opinion. I’m not sure this would be acceptable in other genres (it seems to break a cardinal rule) but as a reader I’d love to see other authors try it!

In writing related news, I was hooked by a recent blog post from Rhonda Stapleton ( an author who also edits for Carina Press).  She shares her thoughts on how hard it can be to write when faced with disappointment or rejection.  I think her struggle to recapture the joy in writing is something many writers can relate to.  Hop over to her site and read her post (along with the many comments) if you need a little inspiration:


Off to find food in the pantry before heading out to visit my mother in law.  Hope you have a great afternoon!


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