The young and the restless…

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Okay…according to my children I’m not so young anymore.  But I’m definitely feeling restless.  Every now and again a bout of insomnia hits me hard. Lately I’ve been lucky to get four hours of sleep.  Last night I was wide awake until after 4am.  Instead of doing anything truly productive I stared at the ceiling and plotted a book I put aside last year.  Unfortunately I have a rule that dictates I must complete my ‘primary’ work in progress first.  I’m sitting at 50,000 words, which is always my weak spot.  With 80% percent of my book finished I’m grappling with the last 10,000 words.  I know exactly how things will end I just need GPS to help guide me there.  Of course, diving into the partial ms (12,000 words) is much more attractive because it’s easier at the early stages to let things flow without worrying about reaching a ‘tidy’ end.

I decided today to tuck my wall calendar into my desk drawer.  Some writers like to track their submissions I kind of get that icky feeling when I’m getting closer to the time period where I’ll likely hear back.  Even though it’s ridiculous, that unsettled feeling tends to add anxiety, which in turn plays into my insomnia.  The urge to check publisher Twitter accounts at two in the morning (sometimes they drop hints about rejection reports) is surely neurotic.

Now I’m trying to get motivated enough to tackle the day ahead.  The schedule isn’t exactly inspiring.  Dentist.  Hospital visit.  Shopping.  Cleaning. Writing.  But the weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Maybe I can sneak in an hour of reading.  Jaci Burton and Louisa Edwards have new releases that are calling my name 🙂


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