Tuesday morning…

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"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting"

Still recovering from the weekend.  Hosted a sleepover Friday night — nine boys.  Throw in the husband and dogs and I was outnumbered twelve to one.  Surprisingly I never had to reach for the Advil.  It was a hectic but fun gathering.  Saturday night was another story.  My seven year old woke up with a raging toothache.  We were up from 1am – 4m.  It was agony for both of us.  Monday morning the poor boy had to go to the oral surgeon and have the tooth removed. Fortunately the doctor was fabulous and made the experience as upbeat as possible 🙂

This Saturday we’ll be heading to Cape Cod.  I’d love to lose about four pounds before we leave – but not as much as I love the Friendly’s Watermelon Roll sitting in my freezer.  It’s one of those treats that scream summer and I’m not strong enough to ignore the call.

I am, however, strong enough to ignore the email invites I’m getting from Borders.  For many years I was a loyal customer that spent way more $ than I should have in their stores.  About three years ago my love started to falter.  Instead of books, the children’s section of the store began to be stocked with overpriced toys, gadgets and stuffed animals.  Ugh!  I had to fight with my kids to focus on buying books instead of junk. Suddenly I stopped buying paperback books and started downloading everything onto my Kindle.  When I wanted to buy my boys new books I’d go to Borders alone to avoid the headache of constantly reminding them it wasn’t a toy store.

Maybe I’m bitter.  My favorite place in the world growing up was book stores.  Change was staring them in the face for more than a decade.  But the industry seemed to ignore it.  Instead of adapting they surrendered.  My heart is a dead weight every time I drive by now.  I don’t want to look at the “Going out of Business” signs.  This breakup didn’t have to happen. Once you meant everything.  Now you’re dead to me.  (Yes, I’m feeling a wee bit dramatic.)

Ooh, I think it’s starting to rain outside.  I’m opening all my windows so I can hear the distant roll of thunder.  This is my kind of day.  Perfect for reading, writing, and a delicious slice of watermelon roll 🙂

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