Lesson not learned…

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Next stop...the beach!

Tomorrow we leave for Cape Cod.  Every year this triggers panic because:

  • I’m not a list maker.  Between the boys, the dogs, the laundry, the frogs, the mail, etc….I need to be organized.  Sadly I jot down a few words on paper, lose said paper, search for said paper before realizing I’m wasting time that I don’t have.
  • I’m not a good packer.  Ask my husband how much space I waste.  Even if I try really hard – he still has to redo it.  Every damn time 🙂
  • I can’t leave anything behind when I travel.  Ninety percent of the clothes we own wind up in the car. Even when I travel to my family’s cottage (which is equipped with everything) I still pack pillows, blankets, towels, sometimes even a television.  Honestly, it’s ridiculous.  My father used to ask me if I was planning on staying forever (and yes there was always panic in his voice).
  • I load the car up with food even though there are grocery stores all over the Cape. (This stems from a fear that they might not stock my favorite brand of cookies or soda). It wouldn’t be so awful if I didn’t stuff things into a hundred different places.  Sadly, I always end up bringing half of it back home because we constantly eat out on vacation.
  • I always forget to put a stop to my mail delivery, which doesn’t earn me points with my postal carrier.
  • I sneak every device I can into my computer bag (laptop, Kindle, iTouch, iPad, iPod).  Silly?  Sort of – because we’re always running around doing fun things, leaving little time for electronic devices.
Every summer I think I’ll get better.  It never happens.  Never…

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