Am I the only one….


If you think we're should meet our mom.

Being different isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes I find comfort in thinking I’m not plagued by idiosyncratic tendencies.  That becomes more difficult when people point out things about you that they find amusing.  In the past forty-eight hours I’ve had:

  • My dry cleaner tell me I’m the only customer that folds dirty clothes into neat piles (separated by shirts, pants, blazers, etc).  Although he’s commented in the past about this, yesterday he said it in front of another village shop owner.  I would love to toss my laundry into a garbage bag and plop it on the counter next week — but I won’t.  The only good thing is that he doesn’t realize I keep a sticky note in my pocket with a breakdown of what I am dropping off.  I memorize it before I step into his shop for fear he’ll laugh out loud.
  • After my newly purchased Blackberry, three days old, weirded out yesterday I asked my husband if I could have the lowest grade model as a replacement.  I don’t use any enhanced features and have no desire to remedy that in the future.  At that point my spouse and our boys had a good old laugh – telling me that in 2011 what I have is considered the basic model.  They thought mocking their mother was cute.  I, however, was not smiling 🙂
  • Yesterday while tackling back to school supply shopping I started off by grabbing two different colored bins in Walmart (one blue and one red).  I then went down the list of needed items for my soon to be second grader and tossed them in the blue bin.  When I had polished off his list I moved on to my nine year old’s list. Everything for him went into the red bin.  In the middle of the crowded aisle I heard a grandmother whisper to the young woman she was with:  “I guess that’s one way of doing it”.  There wasn’t a speck of envy in her voice.  Maybe that’s what prompted me to move to the pet section of the store before emptying the bins (because I didn’t actually plan on buying them).  I carefully snuck them back to their proper location, avoiding those shoppers completely.  No reason to give them something else to laugh about.
I could spend the day sharing more about me.  But let’s face it – I’ve probably already told you more than you want to know.

2 thoughts on “Am I the only one….

  1. I love it. I wish I would have thought of the two colored bins. It would have saved me from standing in the clothing isle separating the one large pile into two separate to make sure we weren’t missing something… and we were. You are not alone. 🙂

    • Thank you, Deb! Now I feel less freakish. I was seriously starting to feel silly at Walmart when I caught a few people staring at my cart. With the amount of junk they have to buy for school, it’s almost impossible to keep things straight.


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