Oops…playing with fire and other disasters


Even if you’re not a fan of the Yankees-Sox rivalry, you have to love the John Krasinski vs. Alec Baldwin commercials.  There’s a new one out — and it involves fire. Go team Krasinski!  Check it out here:

Now for a personal disaster of my own making.  I’d like to blame Hurricane Irene for the current state of my hair.  This weekend as I watched and waited for Irene to hit the East Coast (where most of my extended family resides) I found myself feeling restless.  Normally I’d turn to baked goods as a distraction.  This time I turned to the hair color aisle in CVS.  Scared yet?  I took a chance and let’s just say I came out on the losing end.

Grrrr…my well trained boys, perhaps sensing my inner horror, immediately said it looks good.  They weren’t telling the complete truth.  When my youngest put his arm around my shoulder and said “well, I like it anyway” – I knew I was in trouble.  After throwing in a few nice comments my husband gently asked “why don’t you have it done at the salon?”.

Great question.  The truth is I like to play around with different shades sometimes.  When I’m in a hair salon I always play it safe.  As I rushed around running errands today I made every effort to avoid seeing people I know.  Sadly when my boys and I snuck into school to pick up their teacher assignments I ran into half a dozen familiar faces.  It was a long morning.

If I wasn’t gun shy I’d probably pick up a new color and try again.  Instead I’m going to let the trauma subside a few days and see if I can blend in with the fall leaves starting to change colors in my front yard.  If that doesn’t work I’m going to shop for some truly hideous clothes that will draw attention below my neckline and not above.


2 thoughts on “Oops…playing with fire and other disasters

  1. OK.. Rita.. this was hysterical! Even at the hairdresser sometimes i come home with “eggplant head”.. and boy do i hear about it! Hope you had a nice vacation..
    Kathy Eastman

    • We had a great vacation! And, yes, sadly I resemble an eggplant 🙂 I think my body is starting to take the shape of an eggplant, so maybe the matching hair is a good thing!!!


      PS – I always love the way your hair looks. You’ve got a complexion that makes any color look awesome!

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