Thoughts for Thursday…

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  • Do not buy dry roasted peanuts and fantasize that you’ll only eat a single serving at a time.  You have no willpower, girl.  Get used to it.
  • Do not follow editors on Twitter unless you have a glass  bottle of wine in hand.  Diet Coke does not dull the pain of seeing rejection reports.
  • Do not leave wii remote controls lying around if you want required summer reading lists to be finished by Tuesday.
  • Do not look in the mirror hoping that your hair color is suddenly going to look more ‘natural’.  Embrace the new, decidedly non-improved you.
  • Do not complain about summer being almost over.  Enjoy every minute even if that means sacrificing sleep so you can hang out on your back deck all night.  Embrace those insect bites.
  • Do not download more than three new books tonight. Amazon’s stocks are doing fine without your assistance.
  • Do not place a friendly wager on tonight’s Red Sox vs. Yankees game.  Your team will likely win, but it’s not a sure thing.
  • Do not cook dinner unless someone says they’re hungry. Do hope that your family members are not reading this blog post. Just kidding….

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