Day One…

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Back to school checklist:

  • Awake half the night worrying about the first day of school
  • Forced a few bites of food down hoping it would help ease a fluttering stomach
  • Changed clothes twice (shoes three times) before finally deciding it didn’t really matter
Anxious much?  My kids slept like babies, consumed their juice and cereal, and put on their school uniforms without a problem.  Yes, I was the one battling anxiety.  It’s sad that I still feel the same way I did when I first entered the doors of kindergarten decades ago.  That can’t be normal. At least I now know enough to keep my calendar clear the first day of school.  My ability to complete any task is nonexistent.  Today I simply watch the clock, waiting until it’s time to pick them up.  I really need to grow up…

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