The art of self restraint…

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Yesterday I had the urge to:

A. Ride a display bicycle through Target because my legs were too tired to walk.

B. Hide out in the library during back to school Open House because it was a quiet spot and my Kindle was feeling neglected.

C. Eat the coconut fruit bar my son hid in the freezer because I heard it whisper my name when everyone else was sleeping.

D. Get my hair chopped off because…I was sick of my hair dryer.

Ultimately I refrained from both A and B.  I couldn’t find a helmet that would fit my head so I skipped the joy ride for fear of injuring myself or other shoppers.  Fear was also a deciding factor when it came to NOT going AWOL at Open House.  My luck has been inconsistent as of late — so I’d likely get caught loitering in the library. Visits to the principal’s office at any age are a scary thing!

Although I added about 3,000 words to my work-in-progress, my pace has been slow.  I think when the end is in sight my brain starts to sputter.  The writing process for me is always less stressful than the submission process.  Maybe that’s why the last few chapters ALWAYS take forever.  If I don’t finish I don’t have to deal with the terror of sending it out.

On a related note I’m still waiting to hear back on my current submission.  It’s been about 84 days — so I’m guessing they didn’t fall in love with it.  This leads me to believe I need to be thinking about Plan B.  Note to self: develop Plan B.  Without a targeted goal, I fall into a state of agitated goofiness.  Hence the stealing of my son’s ice cream bar and the lack of hair on my head.

For those of you thinking I’m neurotic….well, pat yourself on the back.  I’m as loony as every other struggling writer out there.


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