Goodbye Tuesday morning…

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Um…the morning is almost over and I’ve yet to tackle my ‘to do’ list:

  • Vacuum the 10 pounds of dog fur that flies through the house every time the windows are open.
  • Clean the six ceiling fans that my husband has developed an unhealthy obsession with.  I’ve offered to buy him 3-D glasses to make the layers of dust look even more scary.
  • Make peace with my border collie.  We haven’t been on speaking terms since an incident with a bunny Saturday afternoon.
  • Toss the hanging baskets that have been a fixture on my front porch since May.  I’m the only one still clinging to the hope that summer really isn’t over.
  • Stop when I walk by the recumbent bike in my exercise room and reintroduce myself.   Actual exercise can wait another day or two.
  • Complete another 2,000 words on my work-in-progress.
What I’m not going to do, even though I want to:
  • Offer Tom Brady a free haircut.  He looked silly with his hair flopping all over the place on Monday Night Football.  When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange who you are into what you’re gonna be.  Sha na na na na…  Listen to the Brady Bunch, man.  They know all about awful hair.
  • Hide the wool blanket my husband threatened to pull out of the closet last night.   The fact that it weighs a ton, is scratchy, and matches nothing in the house seems to hold no water with my spouse.  I think I’ll take it to the dry cleaners and leave it there for 30 days.
  • Predict that the Red Sox will continue to implode and miss the playoffs completely.
  • Finish the raspberry chocolate ganache cake leftover from my birthday on Sunday.  It is yummy with a glass of skim milk. I would actually eat it if my kids didn’t know there was still some left.  If it’s gone when they get home from school I’ll get a lecture on the importance of sharing.
  • Rewrite the chapter in my manuscript I’ve been working on for the past week.  Every day I make changes…when I really should let it go.  Editing it later makes more sense because I will be able to see how it flows in relationship to the rest of the book.
Hope your day is shaping up to be slightly more exciting than mine:-)   Be back soon!

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