I’m feeding the dog, sacking the trash…


Yes, it’s Tuesday.  Traditionally this is the day of the week where I attempt to accomplish some housecleaning.  Nothing too intense.  Sometimes it’s more of a fake out.  Run the vacuum right before everyone gets home.  Spray lemon Pledge on a few pieces of furniture….just enough so that everyone will think some serious dusting took place.  Light a few vanilla candles so that the house will smell inviting.  You get the idea. Creating and maintaining reasonable expectations seems to be the key to keeping everyone happy at casa de Oberlies.  

Speaking of happy.  Did anyone catch the season premiere of Castle last night?  I love this show.  Because of that longstanding love I was a little afraid that the Season 4 opener might be a disappointment.  Nope.  I think the producers did a great job of setting up the subtle shift in relationship dynamics between Castle and Beckett.  Sharp, witty banter is what makes this show shine.  I’m already looking forward to next Monday night 🙂

Guess what else I’m looking forward to?

  • A gooey brownie from the batch I just baked.  The trick will be cutting a long, thin piece that nobody will detect is missing later on. Too bad I can’t share a few with Stana Katic (she’s the actress who plays Kate Beckett on Castle).  She was looking a little too thin last night.  I know…I know…everyone’s a critic.
  • Tonight’s premieres of NCIS and NCIS LA.
  • Adding a twist to my current work-in-progess.  Last night a really weird plot idea popped into my head.  I’m not sure how I’ll integrate it yet – but I’m hoping to try later on this morning.
  • Buying new socks….okay, that sounds weird.  But I hate when my feet get cold.  As we roll from summer into fall I like to transition with colorful new socks.  I’m a bit rough and tumble when it comes to this wardrobe accessory, so digging into last year’s supply is simply a no-no.
  • Decorating my front porch with some fall decor.  Right now the front of my house does not look spiffy…..at all!

Time to power up Gary U.S. Bonds on my iPod.  Anyone remember “This Little Girl is Mine”?  I’m hoping it will help inspire me to tackle some very light cleaning.


4 thoughts on “I’m feeding the dog, sacking the trash…

  1. New socks ….. Used to chuckle when you + your sisters used to ” borrow ” The Old Boy’s ” gold toes ” ….. Man, did that piss him off !

    • Belinda – You’re exactly right. Her face looked noticeably different from last year. When people that are ‘naturally thin’ lose a few pounds you can really see a stark difference.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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