I should probably have stayed in bed…

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Some days it makes far more sense to remain in your pj’s, with a soft pillow under your head, and the remote control in hand.  Since it’s Thursday I was forced to go with Option B.  I woke up at 5:45, prepared breakfast, packed lunches, and drove my children to school.  From that point on things went down hill fast. I won’t bore you with every detail but I will say this:

  • Think before you speak to strangers.  I’m not talking about a polite ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’.  Weird behavior is going to come across as weird.  And it won’t be appreciated, trust me.
  • Be grateful.  Keep perspective on what really matters.  There are goals that I want to accomplish.  But even if I don’t achieve what I’m striving for right now (another book contract) – my foundation will not crumble.  Little hurts do not equal big hurts.
  • Vent privately.  If someone acts impolitely toward you — take a deep breath, refrain from sticking out your tongue, and avoid accidentally tripping them the next time you see them  in public.  Pretend that their behavior was exactly what you expected.  No harm.  No foul (other than their coffee breath).
  • Eat that bag of Iced Animal Crackers if you think it might ease your headache.  Sometimes Advil only helps a little…and sugar helps a lot.
  • Keep re-watching the season premieres of Castle and NCIS – even if you’ve already memorized half the dialogue.  Who knows it may help you win a trivia contest one day.
  • Lower the ring tone on your telephone when the thought of having to speak with anyone seems more challenging than climbing Everest.
Oh, and don’t be afraid to share good news — like your child achieving a perfect score on the NY State math exam. (My kids both work hard in school and it makes every success really, really sweet).

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