Time may change me…


I’m not talking laugh lines and a soft middle.  This season I’m tossing aside some familiar staples and stepping out into new territory.

Out with the old:

  • Jeans.  I’ve held on to several ancient pairs of Express jeans because they fit perfectly.  Three years ago they stopped offering the cut/style I adore because people with hips couldn’t stand them.
  • Philosophy Perfume.  I’ve been a faithful devotee of their Falling in Love perfume for almost a decade.
  • Lancome Mascara.  This is one of the few products that has had a spot in my makeup bag since college.
  • Diet Coke.  The love is still there….but my tastebuds are screaming for something different.
In with the new:
  • Old Navy Jeans.  Since purchasing artificial hips is out of the question, I’ve glommed on to their straight jeans. Now I’m not stuck always wearing a belt for fear my pants will leave me looking like your neighborhood plumber.
  • CLEAN Perfume.  Switching back and forth between their Warm Cotton fragrance and their Cotton T-Shirt fragrance.  So far I haven’t been on the receiving end of any evil looks (you know, when people get too close and then look like they’re going to pass out from the smell of you).
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.  Sadly it was the pink and green color that caught my attention in the drug store.  It was a whim purchase…but I do really like it.
  • Diet Pepsi (Black Cherry flavor).  One of my siblings served this over the summer and it was delightful.  Now I’m addicted (to the point that I’m hiding it in the pantry hoping no one else finds my secret stash).
My reading habits are also changing.  This month I’ve decided to only purchase books from “new to me” authors.  So far it’s been fun. I’m actually thinking about sticking with it through October.

6 thoughts on “Time may change me…

    • Gus – I’m having that same problem. My watch is ten minutes fast and I can’t reset it properly. For most people this would not be a problem, but I already show up to everything waaaaaay to early!!!!!
      (yes, my sense of humor is all out of whack today)


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