“He does not weep who does not see” Victor Hugo


Wow, the Red Sox delivered another epic fail last night.  This time I didn’t watch — and I didn’t cry.  A small part of me was happy to see the Rays advance.  They worked hard (and on a much smaller budget than the Sox).  In a just world things played out as they probably should have. The fact that Jonathan Papelbon played a key role in last night’s debacle seemed fitting. He might be a favorite of the sports scribes in Boston — but he’s too arrogant to suit my tastes.  Confidence is great.  Cockiness not so attractive.  

This morning I’m actually counting my blessings.  While driving to a scout  meeting with my sons last evening we witnessed a car crash on the expressway.  It actually happened directly in front of us.  A car, probably traveling about 60 mph, spun out into the guardrail.  The car behind it hit their brakes hard, narrowly missing the careening car and the massive debris field.  I think I had an angel on my shoulders — because we were able to swerve in time to miss the wreckage (which was squarely in our path).  Luckily the commercial van directly behind me had an awesome driver who followed me and avoided crashing into the mess.  (Side note: it was raining hard and cars were hydroplaning.  In fact there was another accident involving two cars a 1/2 mile down the expressway).  It was by far the scariest driving experience I have ever had, especially knowing my kids were in the backseat.  So today is officially a THANKFUL THURSDAY in my world:

  • I’m thankful I didn’t panic until after I was safely off the expressway.  My eldest made a point of letting my husband know that I did whisper (more than once) a swear word during the drama.  Up until that point I was proud because, all things considered, it was really mild.
  • I’m thankful I didn’t give in to the urge to check the status on my manuscript submission yesterday.  Sometimes not knowing is far better than the alternative.  It’s around day 104 and that’s a-okay with me 🙂
  • I’m thankful I treated myself to takeout Chinese food at lunch yesterday.  I NEVER give in to that urge, but for some reason I caved to the craving. It was one of the highlights of an otherwise stressful day.
  • I’m thankful that my husband made a perfect pot of coffee this morning.  The caffeine is a huge plus to my nervous system.
  • I’m thankful that today is jam packed and I legitimately don’t have time to work on my current manuscript.  It’s nice to not feel guilty.

2 thoughts on ““He does not weep who does not see” Victor Hugo

  1. TERRY, as the Old Boy used to preach every September, ” wait’ll next year “. Of course, that was long before the ” pink-hats ” arrived on the scene ….

    • No doubt he would have had something to say about Tito’s departure…it’s difficult to stomach front office decisions. “Wonder Boy” really needs to get the boot!


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