Not talking apples to apples…

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Today’s conversation on the way to school.

Me:   After school lets go to the apple place near our home.

Son:  Cool.

Me:  While we’re there we should pick up something for grandma.

Son:  I don’t think she likes anything there.

Me:   We bought her a bunch of stuff last year.  I think she likes red not green.

Son:  Geez, mom.  Most of their stuff is black or white.

Hello?  Communication failure.  Son thinks we’re going to the Apple computer store at the mall and I’m thinking the apple orchard about a mile from our house.  This confirmed that I’m not cool….at least in my son’s eyes.

On a more positive note after this conversation ended I spent the rest of the morning commute in relative silence.  Since my brain is not used to my mouth being closed, it rewarded me with a great idea for my current manuscript.  I’ve been weighing two different plot conflicts over the past week.  Neither felt authentic enough.  Today I came up with a ‘curve’ that makes more sense.  This is a good thing because now I’m not afraid to sit down and write the last 8,000 words.  Whew!

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