Top Tip Tuesday…

  • If you’ve never had grape pie…buy it and try it.  I grew up with a strict allegiance to homemade apple pie but quite recently developed a fondness for grape pie.  It’s rather sweet tasting, so I always accompany it with a hot cup of tea.  Perfect on a chilly fall day.  Monica’s Pies in Naples, NY is a must if you ever visit the Finger Lakes.
  • Think twice before downloading a pricey book on your Kindle.  After reading great things about the novel ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins I purchased it on Sunday.  Normally I avoid ebooks priced higher than $7.99.  It’s sort of a mental safety net for my wallet.  After reading Anna I immediately wanted to purchase this author’s next novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door.  This one is priced even higher.  Ugh! But it’s sooo tempting.
  • Don’t curse at your computer when it falls short of your expectations.  I had a problem with one key on my laptop — the letter X.  After verbally abusing it all week I suddenly have a problem with the letter C, too.  Now I’m trying to soothe them both with sweet talk.  It’s not working….and my work in progress is not amused.
  • Don’t iron in the dark.  Hmmm…I tried to put my son’s Cub Scout badges on this morning.  Since I don’t sew, I assumed iron on would be the best option.  Now I’m not so sure.  I’m blaming poor lighting on the fact that nothing is centered properly.  What are the chances that a 7 year old boy is going to notice that his mom put the fleur de lis upside down?  (No merit badge for me today:-)

2 thoughts on “Top Tip Tuesday…

  1. Girl, I do declare you are such an inspiration ! MONICA be damned. Went on line + found some wonderful GRAPE PIE recipes. Can’t hardly wait to get out the rolling pin + start baking all of my Turkey Day goodies ! Can you say YUM ?

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