If you’re happy and you know it….



"People tell me my brown eyes are beautiful. I worry that might nose might be too big."

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling hungover (not from alcohol, but rather from the ill temper I harbored from the night before).  Little things, things that I’d normally shrug off, left me in a funk.  To be honest the problem was ME.  The urge to stomp my feet was strong but also ridiculous. More than anything I wanted to get my head back to a happy place.  It didn’t take long to get there:

  • With the sunroof open and the windows down I blasted 80’s music as I ran errands around town.  For some reason singing Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love” at the top of my lungs put a big, old smile on my face.  Don’t ask what it did to the people who had to listen to me.
  • After dashing into the store for a diet Coke I stumbled upon my favorite teenage accessory.  Cotton Candy flavored Lip Smacker.  I couldn’t resist.  Seriously I was almost skipping down the aisle.  It smells even better than I remembered.  Hmmm…I’m thinking about grabbing the Watermelon flavored one this weekend.
  • I spent a few hours in the school library helping 5 year olds and 7 year olds pick out books.  Even though I have always loved books I’m still amazed when I see how excited other people get (especially kids).  It’s so cute to see them try to walk back to their classroom while simultaneously reading their library books.  Later in the day I got the chance to read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” to a class of second graders.  I’m not sure there is a better way to spend time than reading to an attentive audience.
  • Hopped on my lawn tractor and cut the grass at the end of the day.  After a week of cold and rainy days we have sunshine….and it’s decided to stick around through the weekend.
  • Picked up doughnut holes and apple cider for an after-school snack.  Since I spent most of my day at school I scarfed down more than my share.
  • Found the right words (I hope) to express my appreciation to someone that gave me the gift of feedback.  I’m a worrier when it comes to making sure I convey the proper sentiment.  It’s important and I hate to screw it up  (thank you, Mallory 🙂
  • Ended the day learning how to properly fold the US flag.  Heck, I should have been a Boy Scout.

2 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it….

  1. TERRY, I sure do know what you mean about those old tunes ! Been known to catch a puzzled ( ? ) look as I barrel down the highways + by-ways belting out my faves along w/ my pal BOY GEORGE ….

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