Trying to get my groove back…


I awoke this morning with every intention of getting back into a productive groove.  The only problem is — I’m exhausted.  My kids had a four day weekend and we tried to make the most of it (football, farm visits, the zoo, an apple orchard).    Now I’m sitting in my office like a slug.  Everything feels slightly off kilter and I’m not sure where to dive back into my writing.  My revised goal is to have two manuscripts ready for submission by the end of November.  One needs some tweaking and the other needs some real WORK.  Right now I’m tempted to hit the couch and dive into a HQN book I received in the mail on Friday.  As part of Tell Harlequin’s reader panel I get free books every few months that I provide detailed feedback on.  I’m a total Harlequin fangirl in the sense that I like how they operate their website forums and I appreciate their openness when it comes to reader input.  I think they make every effort to stay professional…

Along those lines, I confess that I’m starting to shy away from reading industry blogs and twitter accounts. It’s probably me, but I don’t like learning too much about individuals in the publishing world.  Inevitably people say more than I want to know.  My comfort zone was created in a HR environment where work related communication didn’t delve into politics or social commentary.  If I was speaking on behalf of my employer I refrained from using it as a platform to share my personal views.  That probably sounds puritanical in this age of advanced social media but I’m not sure I’m alone in those feelings.  Personal accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Websites should reflect whatever the individual wants to put out there….but business sites might want to keep a stronger filter in place.  What may seem like an innocuous comment can come across in a completely different fashion.  For every person that expresses a positive reaction to what they see/read there might be five that quietly shake their heads in disappointment.  Snark is snark – whether it is couched in a coy fashion or not.  Industry friendships play out visibly online.  I think for those who play in a different sandbox it can feel like a junior high nightmare.  Instead of coming across as confident and accomplished, some appear brash or egocentric.  Friends aren’t going to cough that up and neither are the sycophants hoping to get their foot in a publisher’s door.  Less sometimes really is more….


2 thoughts on “Trying to get my groove back…

    • In this case my comments were directed at a broad group (not one person or one segment of the industry). It’s just depressing to see/read some of the snark….a part of me wishes things were less open, with more boundaries in place. Once you get a glimpse into some of the less flattering stuff, it’s hard to block it out 🙂


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