I’m a dork (or perhaps a geek)…

  1. I squealed like a pig when I got my hands on this t-shirt yesterday.   The library where I volunteer ordered a couple for some of those who help out.  It’s bold.  It’s black.  It’s beautiful.  You’re jealous — totally jealous, I know.
  2. I stayed up past midnight last night reading one of my son’s books – Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica.  The truth is I started reading it to my kids on Monday night  because we had just finished up one of the Harry Potter books and we were waiting to receive the next one in the mail from Amazon.  The new book arrived yesterday, which meant shelving Lupica’s book for an indefinite period of time. I COULDN’T WAIT to find out how it ended.
  3. I engaged in a heated argument about tomato juice for over thirty minutes last night.  Is it classified as a fruit or vegetable?  Seriously, like it matters to anyone. BTW, you can check out the government’s USDA site if you want to see their opinion.
  4. I took our African dwarf frogs on a field trip (in their tanks).  The change in seasons means they don’t get to see that much sunshine from their spot on top of a bureau.  Yesterday I let them sit on the front porch for an hour — where they had an awesome view of the fall foliage.
  5. This week I’ve spent oodles of hours designing my own Converse sneakers.  I’ve wanted a pair for years but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for at the mall.  At this rate it will be Christmas before I decide what my ideal sneaker should look like 🙂  


5 thoughts on “I’m a dork (or perhaps a geek)…

  1. Tomato juice……..My Bro,Jay were at IHOP over the weekend.I order tOMATO JUICE…….he swore i got it just to bother him.Fruit or Veg? fruit i think.

  2. Mr. KERSEY, had the location of the IHOP been in West Roxbury rather than in The Acre, I would have to say that tomato juice would be considered a VEGETABLE ! When in Rome ….

  3. IIRC, the last pair of Cons I owned were a mustard – colored pair of high tops in the Spring of ‘ 77. Blew my foot right out of them while doing the 600 yd. dash for the President’s Physical Fitness test out on the old D.H.S. track …..

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