Finding my focus…


NaNoWriMo is here.  This means I need to focus, baby.  Started off by popping in a new pair of contact lenses this morning. I then proceeded to toss back three cups of coffee which took the edge off my post Halloween malaise.  If my energy wanes I have two huge bags of candy that I’m keeping in my office until my children return home from school.  It’s all good!

Anyone catch last night’s episode of Castle?  I curled up under a pile of blankets with a handful of confiscated candy (loose wrappers that I didn’t want my children consuming 🙂  Oh, it was heavenly.  Best night of the week, so far! Ha ha ha.

I really, really want to kick some writing butt during the next thirty days.  Heard a story about ‘someone’ that just landed a contract through connections.  That sounds snarky…yes, I know.  But on rare occasions I think who you know is as important as how well you write.  Since I’m not an accomplished networker — I’m a wee bit jealous. Do I get points for admitting that?  Maybe I’ll just reward myself with a mini Snickers bar.  All good, baby.  All good.


4 thoughts on “Finding my focus…

    • Well, Gus I think I did ‘misplace’ my Ford Focus after a couple of mojitos on Cape Cod last summer. Fortunately my pizza delivery man agreed to restock my ice supply — thereby negating the immediate need for transportation 🙂


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