Creature of habit…


Today I was gobsmacked by the realization that I’m not flexible – in any sense of the word.  I can’t bend over and touch my toes.  Even when I was captain of my high school soccer team I struggled with that during warm ups.  Although I’m a decent height (5’8) my arms are short (not freakishly so; hence my application for Ringling Bros. was an epic fail).

Perhaps more disconcerting is the fact that I’m so driven by routine that small requests for deviation get an automatic thumbs down.  This morning the entire family unit decided to take the scenic drive to school. After embarrassing our boys by hugging them goodbye in front of their friends, my spouse and I headed home.  Only he didn’t want to go directly home.  He wanted to stop at the car wash.  But I said no.  It didn’t feel right.  It would force me to take a different route where the traffic patterns would be different.  My explanation was received with an incredulous glance and a subdued ‘okay’.  At that point I thought about forcing myself to change direction (mentally and physically).  Fortunately my husband sensed my near mental collapse and suggested we hit the car wash on Saturday instead.  Immediate problem solved.  Now I’m left to deal with the realization that I’ve become eerily like my late father.  Don’t get me wrong – he was super duper – other than his crazy adherence to routine.

Right now I’m avoiding my NaNo manuscript.  Although I’ve been writing every day I’m slightly behind where I should be on my word count.  Pssst….I also cheated.  I started a new story and then slipped back to an almost finished manuscript.  Now my brain hurts.  Every time I open my laptop I find myself flipping back and forth between the two.

Oh, but I do have  cheerful news to share.  Harlequin is launching their second annual online writing conference “So You Think You Can Write” program next week.  Check it out:

There will be a competition and the Winner this year will receive a contract and have their series book published by Harlequin!

Website :

Twitter Handle: @HarlequinSYTYCW

Hashtag: #sytycw2


2 thoughts on “Creature of habit…

  1. TERRY, being a prisoner to routine is not the only trait that you happen to share with the Old Boy. For a man of his height, Daddio also had a notorious and deceptively short wing span . Regretably, this bird too is thus afflicted …. Had this not been the case, I really think I could’ve been somebody, you know, a contendar …..

    • Whenever I lament my diminished wing span, I remind myself that at least I have decent hands (not meaty or manly like some of my siblings….er, just kidding).


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