Monday Meh…

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Lately I’ve been trying to convince my husband that it’s time to move south….like maybe Florida. This tends to be a recurring theme in my household.  As I sat out on my front porch swing last night (in my pj’s, listening to music on my iPod, scaring the heck out of my reclusive neighbor) I brainstormed ways I could convince him that it was time to ditch New York State.

  • I thought about telling him that I had a psychic vision of sipping margaritas at Cha Cha Coconuts in Sarasota. (In the vision he owned a beautiful set of jet skis).
  • I thought about telling him that I was in the early stages of developing a severe phobia of snowplows. The urge to throw myself in front of one might lead to irreparable damage if we continue to reside in a snow belt region of the country.
  • I thought about telling him it would be the easiest way for us both to stick to an exercise program. Warm weather = Increased outdoor activity  (more reason to reach for an adult beverage)
  • Tax relief.  No hard sell required for this one.

Hmm…can you think of any other reasons I can throw out there?  The snow is going to start flying soon and I don’t want to start dragging out the hats and mittens if I don’t have to!

Oh, I just realized this wasn’t what I wanted to blog about.  I actually wanted to share some things that have me smiling or frowning this morning:
 Stephen King has a new release coming out this month.  I’ve read an early review that absolutely raved about the book (all 849 pages).The story revolves around a schoolteacher sent on a mission to alter  American history.Jake Epping is sent back to 1958, giving him five years to make his way to Dallas and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Can Jake prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from squeezing the trigger from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository? It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a King book.  But I think I’m going to download this one the day it releases.
Oh, it’s that time of year.  If you are a coffeeholic I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of peppermint mocha creamer.  It is absolutely yummy.  Mind you I’m not a fan of anything sweet in my coffee – but this is an exception.  Indulge, please. Tell them I sent you.
Sadly this last one is a thumbs down moment.  A dear, wise, gracious friend shared a customer service horror story over the weekend.  Normally I embellish when I tell a story of woe.  In this case I saw an email chain between customer and provider with my own eyes.  Can you say, holy bat failure?  Organizations make mistakes.  When given the opportunity some rise to the occasion and restore customer faith and goodwill by rectifying the problem in an equitable manner. After all, epic failures can lead to long standing love when handled properly.  At this point I think Hertz would have to hand over the keys to a new car to win back a little love from my friend.  So sad…

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