On my mind…don’t worry, not much

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Although I cringe at the thought of winter, I do enjoy the first few snow flakes that slip from the sky.  On the way to Cub Scouts last night a quick burst of lake effect snow passed through.  It was beautiful…short lived…and didn’t require a shovel.

So much to smile about today.

It’s my brother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, ole Gus

We won’t make a fuss

We’ll just grab some fake wine

Your favorite, not mine!

(Because it’s truly awful)

Today I’m also celebrating the release of a close friend’s first published work.  It’s on the steamy side (major blush) but pick up a copy.


Author Name:  Dena de Paulo


Oh, not to overwhelm you with my good cheer – but I’m also celebrating my early morning teacher/student/parent conferences.  I feel very lucky that my kids go to a great school with fantastic teachers.  Between the environment and their hard work, they are achieving great success.  Psst…as a parent it’s really nice not having to fear teacher conferences.  Wait I take that back.  My kids and I do get nervous before hand because my husband always threatens to act goofy. Today we brought one of our dog leashes just in case 🙂
Off to go count apples now.  If I have at least eight I might make an apple pie.  I made one earlier this week for my older son’s Thanksgiving celebration but didn’t get to steal even a small bite.  It was painful.  Very painful.  I’m going to post the recipe here in the next few days. You’ll love it!!!

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