Turkey talk…


Cyber Monday is here.  Normally I’d be sorting my retail emails, tracking promotional codes, and dragging out my credit cards.  But I can’t.  I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving.  We celebrated the holiday with my family in Boston — and it was fabulous.   This year, for the first time, I left my laptop at home.  Other than my Blackberry and my Kindle, I was device free.  The first few hours were challenging but eventually my fingers stopped shaking and my headache receded.

I’m guessing some of you would fit right in at one of our holiday gatherings:

  • Can you sing the chorus of Red Solo Cup loud enough to startle neighbors playing football across the street?
  • Can you vow to walk five miles every morning in an effort to maintain your strict exercise routine – but then shrug it off in favor of Dunkin Donuts?
  • Would you be willing to subject yourself to extreme embarrassment by kicking endless field goals at the New England Patriots Museum (in your socks) just because there wasn’t a line waiting behind you?
  • Would you let someone take your picture standing next to a gigantic mural of Tom Brady when his hair is longer, shinier and prettier than your own?
  • Can you sing bad karaoke while scarfing down chicken wings without choking? (warning do not try this at home)
  • Would you pass up an opportunity to attend a high school reunion in favor of hanging out with your siblings eating leftover pie and cheap wine?

Hope y’all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I think I might pull out my credit card and make one purchase today – a life sized Red Solo Cup.


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