Better late than never…

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For months I’ve been grappling with the idea of updating my website. Simple, right?  Well the truth is I love the website that Rae Monet created for me a few years back.  It was an investment of her time and talent, and my pocketbook.

As I pondered making changes I realized part of it stemmed from my desire to be able to make changes and updates at my leisure.  I was also ready for a new look.  So, here I am…almost at the end of the calendar year facing a decision.  Design my own site or hire out a professional?  After much angst I voted in favor of building my own website – at least for now.  If in a few months I find it’s not what I want or need I’ll explore other alternatives.

All in favor say…aye!  AYE!  I’ll let you know when the deed is done.


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