No turning back…


Well, I followed through on my promise to design a new website.  As I mentioned the other day it was not an easy decision.  It’s like that urge to get a dramatic haircut.  The moment I get that burning desire for change I grab my keys and head to the salon.  Even if I like my hair as it is, I still want to shake things up a bit.

I already warned the woman who professionally designed my previous website that she might receive an email in a few months asking for a brand new site.  She’s awesome…Rae Monet (if you’re looking for a professional that is wonderful to work with).

Anyway, here is a link if you’d like to check out my site:

It’s a fresh starting point for me.  Like my hair, it will probably look a little different every day.


2 thoughts on “No turning back…

  1. Hey doll, nice job with the web site ! So fresh, so exciting, so brand new ….. Dare I say chic ? Cutting edge ? Continued best wishes for every success in all of your literary pursuits. Your big bro is very proud of you !

  2. Gus — thanks for the sweet feedback! I think I’m a control freak because I like being able to play around with site options, which is easier when you build it on your own.


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