The house is aglow…


Just kidding!  Not much has happened in the way of decorating for the holiday season here at casa de Oberlies.  Between the warmer weather and crazy weekend activities I’ve only managed to hang a few bells on my front porch.  Sadly my shopping has also been neglected.  I’m trying…really trying to get in the spirit.  Every night I flip  over to the Hallmark Channel to see which Christmas movie they’re playing.  Of course, that results in a lot of eye rolling from the boys in my family.  I know their movies can be a wee bit silly — but I love them, anyway.

I sort of picked out a ring I’d love to see in my Christmas stocking.  But my husband is giving me the thumbs down.  Apparently Super Bowl Rings are tough to come by.  The one I saw at the New England Patriots Museum was mighty fancy.  It was so big, with so much bling…I could make earrings and a necklace to match out of it.  Sounds like a bargain, right?

Speaking of football, I think I could offer my beloved Patriots some much needed defensive assistance.  Yesterday’s game was more than a bit embarrassing.  These two good men might help.

Time to sneak out to Tim Hortons for a frosty holiday drink.  Maybe that will inspire me to break out the twinkling lights!


5 thoughts on “The house is aglow…

    • Hmmm…definitely not aglow! We have obligations every night this week…yay, cub scouts. Rumor has it we might be be getting a little lake effect snow later this week. If that happens I’ll drag out the lights and decorations…

      I might borrow one of the right/white/blue masks. It’ would save me from having to shower 🙂


  1. Get out of Timmy-Ho’s and get that shopping and decorating done! Love the new website. Very trendy. The mushy beach scene was old.

    Shout out to Uncle Gus! Can’t believe your love for dogs is being stiffled.

    • Feeling pressure now…perhaps I’ll do some online shopping tonight. Hmmm…sadly the things I know I want to buy are all for me 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback on the new site.


    • G. DUBYA, it’s a dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrg’s life I tell ya ! Meet me @ Timmy Ho’s and we’ll get some corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffee +, …..

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