Why you gotta be so mean?

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Guess who finally went to the mall to tackle some Christmas shopping?  Yay!  Guess who walked out of the mall 90 minutes later empty handed? Unfortunately, I’ve acquired a head cold in the past twenty-four hours.  Every sound…every sneeze…every long line…knocked the stuffing out of me.  I ended up spending a total of $1.59 (picked up a diet drink at a drive thru on my way home).  I’m setting my sights on Sunday…

Since my attention span was limited due to my sneezing, hacking, and wheezing I crossed writing off my list for today.  Ditto downloading a new book.  This left me trolling the internet.  As usual I ran across some interesting items.  I confess that I often avoid expressing opinions here on writing and/or publishing stuff.  It’s easy to offend and hard to recover when you step over the line.  One author clearly not worried about that is Sebastian Marshall.  In the past Mr. Marshall has publicly shared his feelings about his publisher S&S.  Now he’s come out with a video message for his agent (maybe former agent, I’m not sure).  It’s long – 18 minutes.  Hard to stop watching if you stick around beyond the first five minutes.


On a crazy different note, I also stumbled across a review today on a well known site of a Harlequin novel.  It was brutal.  Some of the comments made me cringe. Now I’m not a proponent of sugar coated reviews.  Stating what you liked or didn’t like in a story can be helpful to potential readers and the actual author.  However I struggle with seeing dozens of comments from people that didn’t read the novel in question that are downright cruel.  You can be honest without being a bully, right?  In this particular case the author made a brief lighthearted mention of the review on Twitter…she acknowledged it in a general ‘oh well’ kind of way.  Guess what?  It made me want to buy her next book.  Taylor Swift was right …why you gotta be so mean?


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