Top Tip Thursday…

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A few days back I mentioned the struggle I am having getting into the holiday spirit.  While I’m still lagging slightly behind, I have made some progress.  My husband and I let our boys decorate the Christmas tree this year (other than stringing the lights).  Guess what?  They did an awesome job…and they had oodles of fun taking responsibility for it.  I’m thinking this should now be a tradition at casa de Oberlies.  Maybe I’ll post a picture here tomorrow.

The shopping situation has also improved.  Fortunately my husband, who tends to be more decisive than I am, sat down at the computer a few nights back and ordered up a storm from Amazon.  Every day UPS leaves a bundle of boxes on our doorstep.  In an effort to chip in I’ve visited one of my favorite sites and ordered gifts for some of our out-of-town family/friends.  If you’re in a pinch I’d recommend browsing their site.  I’ve been ordering from Miss Grace/Mrs. Beasley’s since college and I’ve never once been disappointed.  This year they’ve teamed up with Cheryl’s giving consumers even more options. 

Since I tend to switch my nail polish color on a hourly daily basis you’ll rarely find me at a salon.  Although I like doing my own nails it can get rather boring.  This week I picked up a new product that I’m totally loving.  Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat.  Granted, it’s a little funky…but during the holiday season a little extra sparkle screams good cheer.  Btw, the red they offer is extremely festive.  I chose that color along with fuchsia shock.

My next tip is of a very different nature. Rejection hurts.  Sometimes it hurts a lot.  As a writer it’s also inevitable.  Even it you anticipate rejection, it still packs a punch.  I’ve been very lucky.  I can honestly say I’ve always been treated with a great deal of respect. (The one exception came from an editor that was known for her edgy tone.  I couldn’t take offense because it was part of her personality and I actually liked her.) Lately I’ve been working through a lot of self doubt trying to find my voice and my path.  Publishing is huge, with many different avenues. This brings me to my tip.  When my confidence slips and I find myself avoiding my laptop, I know where to turn first.  Harlequin forums.  They have a thread called sub care, where people comment about their submission status.  I go there to read about the highs and lows other writers are experiencing.  I’m almost always amazed by how quickly people bounce back from rejection there.  They want success.  And they understand that you have to keep fighting hard to achieve it.  Check back soon for some news on my writing.  I think 2012 is going to be an AWESOME year!

P.S.  In case you’re wondering, I have not been on the receiving end of a recent rejection.  The topic has been on my mind after reading some favorite industry blogs.


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