A quick hello…before I have to go


Right now I’m staring at the clock on my computer screen wondering how I can accomplish my ‘must do’ list before I have to pick up my boys from school.  The problem is nothing on the list screams fun:

  • Vacuum the thousands of tree needles covering the skirt underneath my Christmas tree.  Every time I kneel down to water the tree I end up getting puncture wounds on my shins.
  • Go to my local postal office.  Again.  Third day in a row.  Second visit today.  (I’m not sure why I thought there would be extended hours.  I sat out front this morning at 8:00 waiting impatiently for some sign of life. After polishing off an 8 ounce cup of coffee I gave up and went home).  But…I must add, my local postal personnel are extremely kind, patient, and upbeat.  I’d bake them cookies but they’d probably be afraid to eat them 🙂
  • Open dozens (literally dozens) of Amazon boxes to determine what packages have arrived and what gifts we are still waiting on.  The bad thing is…if I open the boxes I have to immediately start wrapping presents to prevent curious eyes from catching a glimpse of what’s inside.
  • Clean the mud from my mud room.  This week the dogs have been dragging in enough sloppy dirt to make mud pies.  Right now my white walls look more like milk chocolate.  (Yes, at the present time I am hungry…dreaming of the Dove candy bars my friend gave me last week.)
  • Clean up my computer files.  I have way too many work in progress folders.  I’m at the point where I’m now confusing myself.  I wish I was on better terms with the delete button.  Saving every little page of every revised manuscript is crazy.

Lest, you think I’ve done nothing but daydream this week I will share the following.  I’ve been working on some important book related things.  I can’t share now…but I will when the time is right. Now I must go find my secret stash of chocolate, stuff them in my pocket, and head over to the Post Office.  Maybe I’ll bring candy canes to hand out to the long line of last minute mailers who’ll be my friends for the next hour or so.


3 thoughts on “A quick hello…before I have to go

    • Hmmm…the word ‘we’ scares me just a little. If you ring the bell and no one answers — check out the parties in my neighborhood. Good times ….good times.


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