Guess what…


My shopping is done… as in, completely finished. This morning I sat in front of the local Target waiting for the magical moment when the clock struck eight.  Guess what?  It was empty.  There were  five people with me when the doors opened.  I actually browsed at a relaxed pace — no elbowing the people around me trying to grab the last bag of Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark.  Want to know something even more amazing?  My house is tidy (at this moment).  Yesterday I finally got rid of the trail of pine needles that lined my entryway.  Yay, me!  Right now I do need to do something with my frizzy hair and chipped nail polish.  I’m helping out with the holiday parties at school and looking like I came out of a cave is not going to fly 🙂  Hope your day is shaping up to be as nice as mine!  Hugs.


4 thoughts on “Guess what…

  1. Good for you TERRy, you go girl ! Just back from battling the hordes. Luckily, I have some absolutely YUM-YUM MRE’s all set for din-din …. Can you say LISH-LISH ?

    • Merry Christmas, Kersey! I forgot to buy peppermint stick ice cream and now I’m totally bummed out. It’s not really a holiday without it 😦


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