Today I woke up feeling like …


Getting out of bed this morning I looked around, wondering if I needed help.  The last few days seemed to have taken a toll on both my mind and body.  I can only describe my state of being as Violet Beauregarde-esque.

This year casa de Oberlies was inundated with gifts of fine food.  Every square inch of countertop in my kitchen was covered with boxes and tins of sweet delights.  (Now, of course, every inch of my waistline is covered with an added layer of muffin top).  Between the added calories and multiple flag football games I find myself sore, stuffed and stiff.  During one particularly brutal family outing I ended up in the bushes, knee deep in mud. Sadly I didn’t quite manage to hold on to the football.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have indulged in either food or sport.  But really, who could resist?

Chocolate covered oreos

Harry and David Cookies

Original Boston Coffee Cake

Throw in some See’s Chocolate Candies, See’s Peanut Brittle, Leo’s Apple Pie, and Christmas stockings stuffed with Godiva and what’s a weak willed girl to do?  With some difficulty I finally walked downstairs, approached my recumbent bike, sat down…and contemplated moving my feet.  Nothing happened.  Perhaps I’ll try again later.  For now I’m going to attack the laundry, which is a strangely attractive alternative this morning.


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