Time management woes…


Do you ever have those days where everything is thrown off because you’re running five minutes behind schedule? Not a lot of time but just enough to make you careless.  At casa de Oberlies we are slightly obsessive when it comes to punctuality.  On Tuesday evening I spent a few extra minutes finishing up a chapter on my current work in progress.  No big deal, right?  Well it turned out everything got pushed back: homework, dinner, bedtime for the kids.  Sadly I missed the opening of NCIS.  In my infinite wisdom I decided I would watch it later courtesy of my DVR. Oops, didn’t notice that someone canceled the taping of my favorite show in favor of recording WWE wrestling and Alaska State Troopers.

After shedding a few tears (it was a new episode) I decided to watch a movie instead.  Of course, I stayed up late.  Too late.  Ultimately this set up a bad start for Wednesday morning.  In my haste to get out of the house by 6:55 am I grabbed my shoes without turning on the lights in my closet.

And yes…I made the dreaded error of pulling out one black and one brown shoe. (I feared this might happen when I made the decision to buy the exact same shoes in two different colors.  But they were comfortable and I was cocky that I wouldn’t succumb to color blindness.) Since it was my day to volunteer at the library I had to turn around and go home.  This was not warmly received by my children who thought it would be more fun to see if any of the kids at school noticed my fashion hiccup.

I’m sure you’re wondering if anything happened this morning. Well, one of my precious puppies suffered a little stomach upset overnight.  Hmmm….this meant a blip in my morning routine.  Cleaning ate up five minutes I hadn’t built into my schedule.  Hence I threw on sweatpants and a hoodie in an effort to get out of the house by 6:55 am.  This was a SHOCK to my fourth grader.  After staring at me for several seconds he found his courage:  “Are you actually wearing that to school?  You’ve never worn a hoodie before.”

This is what happens when you fall five minutes behind…


2 thoughts on “Time management woes…

    • Guess what? Now I’m keeping my brown pair in the hall closet and the black pair in my bedroom. I refuse to let history repeat itself 🙂


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